How to Sync Your Smart Wristband with Your Phone Apps

Smart watches are the most reliable devices that have ever come into the phone technology world, when you pair your watch with the phone it helps you to make calls, viewing messages and working throughout without taking your phone out hence less distractions. Basically there are up to three effective methods of syncing your smart watch with the phone and they are:


This is the most used method that’s why it’s called the basic pairing, the method involves the following Going to the settings and turning on the Bluetooth then making your device (phone) discoverable so that the watch can sense it. After that you turn on your smart watch by pressing the power button on the watch till the pairing screen appears. Then go back to the phone where you will tap on the search devices part and when the smart watch appears on the results click on it then a pop up confirmation to pair will come and if the pairing code matches just tap pair and you will be good to go.  Here is how to connect.

Using the speedup smart watch app

These applies for those who have speedup smart watches as they specifically work better with the app. It requires you to download the app so as to start the set up. After you have downloaded the app you go to the settings section, where again you will click on the networks and wireless and then turn on the Bluetooth. Turning on the device to be discoverable will make it efficient by pressing the ok button. Then launch your speedup app and make sure the speedup watch Bluetooth is enabled. On the phone screen tap the search part and get your smart watch then choose it of which you will get a message to bond/pair click pair then turn on notifications. And then tap activate notifications which will enable the smart watch to receive notifications.

Smart connecting

This is a service available when you want to specifically sync your android device to your Sony smart watch. And here is how you will do it. Get the app from the play store for free and then you will open the Bluetooth on your device/phone and make it discoverable, then turn on your watch by pressing the power button till the pairing screen comes to life. On the bottom of the screen search for the watch and when found click on it, this will give you the pop up for pair and tap pair. After that you will launch the app and click on the enable icon and it will sync with your watch properly. Hope the tips will be helpful